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Sup3r PCT has been made into a more impressive supplement. It can now cover anything you need on the over the counter side of PCT. It is the strongest most potent post cycle therapy in the market. It has been ranked among the top 10 best PCT products in the industry. With so many supplements for PCT sup3r PCT has been the most effective. It is cost-effective by ensuring that one does not need to combine so many supplements to get the desired goal. It has been tested to be with no effects to the users and more effective. Sup3r PCT has made managing body health much easier especially the gained health in the body. sup3r also helps in the cycle care after therapy.

Post cycle therapy should be taken with at most important as pre-workout therapy by all people. The point of post cycle therapy is to give one testosterone production as fast as possible while recovering the functioning of the heart and the liver. Sup3r PCT all the benefits for PCT. Sup3r PCT ensures that all your hormonal levels are brought back as they ought to be. It also helps in maintaining a normal and regular level of libido. Sup3r PCT helps regulate both the hormones and the libido without losing any hard earned gains. It contains all you need in one single bottle. No more need to purchase multiple of supplements sup3r PCT provides all you need.

Sup3r PCT offers estrogen eliminatio. one can combine with the elim1nate to ensure that the estrogen levels are as they ought to be. Sup3r PCT also offers liver support to all its users, anti-oxidant support, prolactin elimination and natural testosterone boosting. It also helps boost libido levels, detoxify the body, cortisol blocker, lean dry hard muscle mass. It features 30 servings with each containing 50mg of Arimistane and 250mg od Mucuna Pruriens.

Ingredients used in sup3r PCT include:

The E.cottinii extract (600mg) this is rich in polyphenol. This helps with inhite the tumor growth. The selective estrogen receptor modulor like properties inhibit the growth of tumor protecting the liver and the kidneys Androst 3.5-dioen-7,17-dione(75mg) Multi-Modaltestosterone Enhancement Matrix sodium D-Aspartic ACID(3.12G).- used to boost testosterone Horny goat weed (500mg) Fadogia agrestis PE(1200mg) Bulbine natalensis(700mg).-this is an African herb with a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac and natural testosterone booster African and all over the world. Bulbine natalensis increases serum levels of testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. It additionally, helps reduce estrogen levels in the body regulating it to normal as required. Dual support prolactin care matrix mucuna pruriens (300mg) – helps in the control of proclactin levels and in the increase of hormonal levels. Sup3r PCT will help any person maintain the gains and te overall health while off cycle. Many associate mucuna pruriens with reducing stress and cortisol, but the en-vivo study on men showed that it reduces prolactin levels. Significant increases are also seen in serum testosterone level, Luteinizing Hormone levels, and sperm count and motility. Vitamin B6 (150mg) Dual support mineral recovery matrix magnesium oxide (450mg) -for mineral recovers and help in testosterone levels. Zinc aspirate (35mg) Antioxidant support quercetin (60mg) Liver support is a compound widely regarding for its antioxidant and liver protecting benefits. It is also the primary substrate for glutathione in the body. If you are lacking in NAC, your body cannot produce enough glutathione. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine(150mg) with ANC ,it has anti-inflammatory effects that will help maintain the body in perfect health. Absorption optimization BioPerine (5mg)


Sup3r PCT bottle contains 300 capsules. One is required to take 10 capsules a day. This is preferable to be taken in two sessions of 5 caps each. A person is encouraged to take the pills with meals especially during breakfast and dinner. A person should take the sup3r PCT capsules for up to four weeks maximum. It is sometimes recommended that one should consult a physician for further instructions.


There are no any side effects. It seems as a very stable supplement. It has been proven to be safe for all people. Many people have used the products and have not had any side effects.


It is easy to get the sup3r PCT products from all over the world. One can make an order online or even get it from the nearest supplement shop.

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